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How to Take Action

No action too small to take. Climate action is needed now and everyone has to start somewhere. Use this page to help find a place to start, take that action, and then look for the next one! As long as we keep looking for more action to take, it will snowball and spread throughout the community, the industry, and our lives. Whether you are an individual or a decision-maker in a performing arts company, there are resources here to guide you forward and we are here to help.

According to a study done in the UK in 2007 of the music industry, audience travel makes up 43% of the environmental impact of the industry while energy use of venues (heating, cooling, and lighting big spaces) makes up 23%.

Intro to Sustainable Production Practices

If you or your theatre company are new to the game, looking for where to start, or looking for practices you can start implementing relatively quickly, here are some amazing guides and tool kits to get you going.

Theater Lights

Where to start with sustainable practices organized by category. From production, offices, and venues, to climate justice guides and measurement tools.

Recycling Bins

An extensive list of guides and tools from how to make a climate action plan, the impact the cultural sector can make, to plastic pollution reduction.

Image by Wei-Cheng Wu

A step by step guide for making your performing arts organization more sustainable.

More Resources to Come!

We are working on a few more sections here for you to use so stay tuned!

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