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Our mission is to mobilize and organize the performing arts industry toward climate-positive practices through community building, action-oriented workshops, and facilitating systemic change. Performing arts have a unique ability to shape the culture of a community and we believe we have a responsibility to participate in creating a sustainable future.


Climate change affects everyone, everywhere. A global problem needs global solutions; global solutions need the support and effort from everyone in every industry. The performing arts may not be the most obvious choice for making environmental decisions but the industry contributes to green house gas emissions and waste which means we have a responsibility to reduce that impact to create the future we need.

Eli Harvey with Plant - A Future We Create - Town Hall Arts Center -December 2021 - photo

Photo By Becky Toma

Film Shoot - Future We Create


Our vision is to create a united, people and planet oriented community of theatre conservationists that are excited to find new, innovative, and environmentally friendlier ways of doing what we do. 


Energy systems are central to the economy which also means they strongly impact social dynamics such as norms and values; aka the way we behave. Shifting to renewable energy as a source will change the flow of money in our society. This means right now, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to decide where we think money should flow and in turn the culture. Just because this is the way we've always done it does not mean it is the way we should always do it. We are world builders; lets build a better world.


Joy: Lasting, meaningful change comes from the heart so we seek to make change as fun and joyful as possible.

Climate Justice: Climate change disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. Climate action is social justice work. We must ensure that the culture we build is just for every race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age. No one gets left behind.

Collaboration: We seek to connect the theatre community by building lasting relationships and streamlining resource sharing.

Science: We allow science to guide our work and the scientific method to guide our operations.

Power Sharing: An impactful organization is one that plays to everyone's strengths and shares power amongst everyone on the team and in the community. We want to let the community guide our priorities.

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